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4 beauty products before going to bed

4 beauty products before going to bed

We all know that in order to be beautiful we have to provide ourselves with enough sleep. We need sleep not just to rest but because this is the time our skin regenerates.

When we get less than a 7 hours of sleep per night, the next morning the dark shadows under the eyes are our biggest problem, not to mention the fact that our skin loses its natural blush and looks grey, waxen and often more oily than usual.

In addition to the healthy amount of sleep, the beauty specialists recommend to make the most of the time that our skin uses to regenerate by adding to your beauty routine the following four products.

Exfoliation product

Use it when you are washing your face before going to bed at night. This is necessary in order to “make way” for the other products which have to reach the deeper layers of your skin. By exfoliating your skin you remove the dead cells and the other impurities of the skin that the micellar water and your makeup remover didn’t manage to clean. Choose an exfoliating product that feels good on your skin and does a gentle peeling. Use this type of cosmetics during the night because exfoliating during the morning just opens up your pores and make them more vulnerable to pollutions.


The Retinol (vitamin A) has a key role in rejuvenation of the skin on molecular level. Vitamin A strengthens the links between the cells and also takes part in creating the collagen. Using moisturizing cosmetics that contain retinol takes less time and provides the skin with the care it needs. You can also use serums which have become quite popular lately. The skin absorbs them right after you apply them.


We recommend that you use peptides during night-time because their amino acids are very important for the repairing processes of your skin. The peptide bonds help the collagen fibers to join again and this contributes to a better skin elasticity. You can optimize the benefits of the peptides features by using an eye cream with peptides which is very important for the recovering of the gentle skin of the eyelids.

Anti-acne cosmetics

Most of the lotions, creams and washing gels are very strong and dry the skin too much causing redness that is not a very pleasant view. That is why the beauty specialists advice to use them before going to bed so our skin has time to recover and soothe from the treatment during the night.


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