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Eye Shadow

Eye Shadows
They magically transform the look making it deeper, more beautiful, more confident and more powerful.
By using the right colors and nuances of eye shadows we can give our eyes a different vision and shape that suits us for various occasions and moods.

The Kohl is one of the first kinds of eye shadows. It was extremely popular in ancient Egypt and has quite an interesting ingredients in it. It include lead, ocher, ash, hydrating honey, oxidized copper, malachite, sugarcoated almonds. The Egyptians believed that the Khol can heal a lost eyesight and preserve the eyes from infections. Because of these protective functions the Khol was used by both men and women of different ages and in various social classes.

As opposed to ancient Egypt and Iraq, in ancient Greece and Rome used the eye shadows for purely decorative purposes. Wearing makeup was considered a symbol of aristocracy and high social status.

The eye shadows in the present
The eye shadows can be sorted in two main types – matte and glitter.
Regarding their consistency they can be also divided in five main groups:

  • Extruded powder - this kind of eye shadows looks a lot like compact powder and it is the most commonly used as one, couple colors or a whole palette;
  • Eye pigments -  they can be with light or full coverage. They can also be matte, with pearl tint or enriched with glitter particles. The eye pigments are mostly used on the finished makeup in order to strengthen the colors or add a glitter effect;
  • Creamy eye shadows - they have oleaginous formulas which make them more suitable for the summer;
  • Liquid eye shadows - they are extremely felicitous for the summer season because of their chameleon effect and their awesome glossiness. When applied the liquid eye shadows dry very quickly which prevents any smudging;
  • Brocade - gives the makeup a festive and luxurious touch. Before it is applied to the eyelids you need to create a base of creamy or liquid eye shadows that allows the brocade to stick on.


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