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The lipstick – Beauty and comfort for the lips

From the ancient times of Nefertiti till the present days, the right choice of lipstick is half the job done in successful makeup. The rightly chosen lipstick is able to freshen the face look, to give it a youthful innocence or on the contrary to add passion and sex appeal. Everything depends on the shade of the lipstick and the applying technique.

The lipstick is extremely popular cosmetic product which active use has started over 5 000 years ago.
The lipstick existed even in ancient Babylon. During that times it was made of small crushed pieces of gems. In nowadays the lipstick ingredients almost always include essential oils (from castor or avocado), coloring agents (mostly synthetic), and lanolin. The matte lipsticks have a higher percentage of coloring agents and that is why they cover the lips better and last longer. The lip glosses on the other hand have less coloring agents and more essential oils. This is the reason why they are shiny and transparent. The lip pencil consists of extruded lipstick with high content of coloring agents.


Moisturizing, nourishing, with vitamins, with UV protection, with supplements, that enhance the healing of wounds, matte, pearl, long-lasting, super long-lasting, liquid….

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