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5 golden rules for daytime makeup

5 golden rules for daytime makeup

Choosing our daytime makeup can be a difficult task.

Most of us use it to conceal the imperfections, to emphasize our strong features, and to look better at work. However choosing the wrong colors or textures and applying cosmetics that are wrong for our skin, can have the opposite effect making us look tired, older and sometimes even out of place.

Here are the five golden rules of the daytime makeup:

1. Always (always!) wear sunblock.

The first and most important rule of wearing makeup during the day actually does not include makeup. But is there anything more important than the canvas on which we put the makeup, namely your skin? No matter what you do during the day it is substantial to protect your skin with SPF factor before applying any other products. Many women skip this step but there are easier ways to protect your skin without having to use additional cosmetics. Find yourself a hydrating day cream with SPF factor or use a BB cream which has a skin foundation included in it.

2. Avoid using dark eyeliner.

It’s very easy for your day makeup to get grunge- gothic look which you are not trying to have at all. We all like using makeup to emphasize our eyes however the dark eyeliner and eye pencil can be too strong for wearing during the daytime. You can use eyeshadows in light colors instead, such as champagne, peach, bright pink with glowing touch in it that will also highlight your eyes. In combination with a nice black mascara with volume effect you don’t need another makeup.

3. Use bright lipstick.

Although most of the times we choose natural-looking lipsticks and colorless lipshine during the day, this shouldn’t be a strict rule. In a day makeup it is important to highlight the lips by using bright lipstick with a tender creamy formula. This will add more life to your vision as a whole and will attract more attention to your makeup in a glamorous way.

4. Forget fake eyelashes.

They just don’t belong to daytime makeup. You can use combination of lengthening mascara in the roots and volume mascara on the tips of the eyelashes instead. You can also curl the eyelashes for a better look.

5. Skip contouring the face.

Emphasizing the face contours is not very appropriate during the daytime because the light doesn’t allow playing with colors and shades to remain unnoticed. Our advice is that you use tenderly bronzing cosmetics which will enlighten your tan. You should also use light glimmering skin highlighter to accent your cheekbones.


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