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5 quick beauty tips for perfect looks

5 quick beauty tips for perfect looks

Spoiled manicure, smeared lipstick, frizzy hair – we all know these everyday beauty dramas that spoil our otherwise perfect vision.

There are several tricks that can save you from the embarrassing moments when you arrive at a meeting or just to work and it turns out that something in your look is not quite right.

How to conceal a dent in your manicure

When you are in a hurry and you have just applied your nail varnish, put a glitter nail varnish in your bag. Later if you see a dent in your manicure you can put a layer of the glitter nail varnish on top of it and cover it. That’s a really quick solution to the problem. In addition you will have a shiny and glamorous manicure.

Make yourself a skin foundation

If it turns out that you forgot to buy a skin foundation or if you just like to experiment with homemade cosmetics then you can make it yourself. It is quite simple in fact if you happen to have products like skin powder and some moisturizing cream at home. You just put a little bit of the cream on your palm, then sprinkle some skin powder on top of it and mix it well.

Save the hairdo

If you hair starts to slip from the hairstyle and you don’t have any hair-styling products you can use your hand cream. Apply it in the usual way on your hands then run your hands through your hair to smooth it.

Perfect lips during the whole day

Don’t forget the power of the lip liner which the professional makeup artists use all the time. In order to keep your favorite lipstick on longer and to prevent it from smearing and going out from your lips contour, apply a lip liner in the same tone as the lipstick before putting on the lipstick itself.

Don’t forget to clear the makeup

If you are feeling tired it’s possible that you don’t want to remove your makeup using all the makeup-removing cosmetics, but leaving it on would be much worse. That’s why you should put a little bit of cocoa butter on a cotton pad and remove the makeup with it.


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