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7 beauty mistakes that can ruin a photo

7 beauty mistakes that can ruin a photo

We all know that our phones’ image filters can make wonders with our photos but there are things that even they cannot hide. Avoid the following mistakes if you want to look flawless in the photo.

Not using a makeup base

Preparing the skin of the face with primer or any other kind of makeup base can seem annoying but it gives your skin fresh and healthy look so you shouldn’t miss it. Always apply at least moisturizing cream thanks to which the foundation will cover the skin better and more smoothly.

Using a black eye pencil on the lower eyelid

This is a certain way to make your eyes look smaller because black makes things visually smaller. You should use mild colors such as grey, bright brown, even white. They will “open” your eyes.

Forgetting the lip gloss

If you are wearing lipstick in the photo especially if it is a bright color or matte texture, it is absolutely required to prepare the lips before it in order to ensure a precise applying of the lipstick. The camera makes the dry lips more visible and the lip gloss will prevent this.

Not using eye skin corrector

The dark circles are pretty annoying and they look even darker in a photo. Applying corrector momentarily gives your face a brighter look and your eyes look more sparkly. The makeup artists even advise that we should choose a corrector that is one tone lighter than your skin’s.

Using mascara only on your upper eyelashes

If you want your eyes to be well highlighted in the photos, you have to apply mascara on both your top and bottom eyelashes. In this way you will attract attention to them. However do not overdo it. It’s best if you apply two layers on the top eyelashes and only one layer on the bottom ones in order to avoid clumps and smudging.

Using black-brown mascara

For more dramatic effect and highlighted eyelashes you should use the darkest possible color your favorite brand offers. Dark colors pop in the photos. You should also try to cover the whole eyelashes from root to top. This is very important because in this way your eyes will look more opened.

Skipping rouge and bronzing powder

To avoid your skin looking too pale you should provide a dose of natural shine. The pink rouge seems very natural and gives your skin a healthy look. The bronzing powder on the other hand will accent the cheekbones better.


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