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When to buy cheap cosmetics

When to buy cheap cosmetics

If you are fans of makeup and quality cosmetics, you know very well the dilemma – should I spend so much money on this or not? Sometimes the expensive products are very temping and in our head we always have this voice that says “You get what you pay for”. However does quality really justify the price? It turns out that it depends on the product. For some cosmetics we really should spend more and for others we can afford to buy a cheaper one.

Body lotions

Most skin care products that come with the label “luxurious” are absolutely unnecessary. The parts of our body that are constantly exposed to the sun like hands, face, and neck deserve quality products that protect us from the sun and the other harmful factors in the environment. For the rest of the body the best choice is to use a decent lotion with nice scent and hydrating qualities no matter what the cost is.

Body washing products

Bath foam, shower gel, bath salts… neither one of those deserves a big investment. Both the expensive ones and the cheap ones have the same formula. The higher price is usually due to the quality of the scented oils that are included in them because some people prefer the natural aromas next to the synthetic ones. In the end, the money we spend are paying only for the scent of the shower gel or the bath foam so naturally we should pick the product with the most pleasing aroma.


All the makeup artists agree that the mascara is the most frequently bought product in the world. However all of them have similar formulas and performance. Most of the money we spend for a mascara pays for its package and advertisement. Actually some products of the prestigious brands are specifically designed so they can imitate some of the best mascaras in the middle and lower class. That’s why the most preferable mascara is always the one with the fair price.

Hair styling products

If you have to choose whether to buy hairspray, gel and mousse from the store or from your hairstylist, always choose the store brands. Why? The time it takes them to work. The hairstylists use products that fixate the hair very quickly so they can move over to the next client. Besides that they can see your whole hair and can afford to work with all of it. You on the other hand can’t. At home we need time to manage the hairdryer or hair straighteners and the same goes for the fixation of the hair. That’s why the store brands are meant to work slowly.

Nail varnish

It doesn’t matter if the nail varnish is cheap or expensive. Most of the times the formula is the same and we pay for the bottle design, the label and sometimes for the color itself. You should be careful with the cheapest nail varnish though because its quality may not be what you expect it to be. The middle-price-range nail varnish is your best option, especially if it has a nice brush. If you are content with the way it covers your nails and the durability of the color there’s no point of changing the brand.

ace cleaning cosmetics

The best face cleaning product is tender to the skin and has to be a part of every woman’s beauty routine. Unless you like the scent or the package of a more expensive product you can use one of the drugstore brands with no problem. The best investment for every skin type is the good serum or the hydrating product. The main rule is that it matters most for the skin what we last apply on it. So you can choose a cheaper washing product but you should invest more money in the face cream you are using after it.


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